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#PledgeAPeriod is a fundraising campaign that aims to increase access to women’s health-related products, create awareness and bring attitudinal change, thereby improving women’s health and breaking the taboo and stigmas attached to menstrual health and hygiene for girls in the urban slums of Mumbai and beyond.

Goal for #PledgeAPeriod:

It’s about time we contribute within our capacity.

Your donation of JUST ₹200/- (about $3.00), which is equivalent to just ONE tub of popcorn, will help us reach out to girls in urban slums of Mumbai and help them manage their periods with dignity for at least one month. Donate NOW and help a girl manage her health and hygiene!

We are raising ₹25 lac ($33,409.00) to reach out to 12,500 girls.

Your contribution will help us in the following ways:

  • To get a hygiene kit for a month which includes – sanitary pads, underwear, face mask, sanitizer
  • To get paper disposal bags for each pad
  • Safety gear for our field team reach out to women and girls in the remote areas of urban slums
  • Receive education and awareness about Menstrual Hygiene provided in these ways:
  • Virtual education through the Myna Mahila Health Application
  • Dispensers for easy access to health and hygiene materials (such as sanitary pads, face masks, etc.) without any shame of having to approach a chemist shopkeeper
  • Sensitization Vehicle (Bus/Van) to provide sanitary pads and other hygiene materials for women, education, and awareness
  • Address livelihood concerns among the urban slum communities by creating tech-job opportunities

The predicted impact of COVID-19 is not only worrying, but also a reminder of why it’s important to work for these women.

We have reached out to more than 5,00,000 women at the doorstep over the years, and manufactured 10,96,105 pads over the last four years, and have more than a 90% return rate because of the personalized attention each woman receives.

We have been able to convert 5,000 women across 15 slums to use sanitary napkins from using old rag clothes and did not have access to enough water and space to wash and dry them.

By changing the behaviors of women and mothers, Myna also brings out an impact on the young girls of the families and leads them towards better menstrual hygiene management.