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  • Natwar Parekh Compound, Govandi West, Mumbai - 43. INDIA
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As a community-based organization, we adopted an 8-Point Plan to support the vulnerable, suffering due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

1. Ration and Sanitary Relief: Provision of food and sanitary packets to 300-600 families on a daily basis 

2. Facemask Manufacturing and Provision: We repurposed out sanitary napkin manufacturing units to produce face masks, which were then distributed to healthcare providers and vulnerable families.

3. COVID-19 Sensitization: We used the support of our volunteers to gain insights about disease prevalence in slum communities, and providing awareness through phone calls about local resources.

4. Women’s helpline and text communication: We started alerting our existing beneficiaries and their families (thousands of slum residents) through SMS notifications, in addition to WhatsApp groups, about local resources, contact numbers, and tips. We also set up a women’s helpline (+91 9326127527) in the M-East ward area in Mumbai for getting reports of domestic violence cases, sexual/reproductive health issues, and anything else a woman wants to talk about during these times.

5. Myna Mahila Mobile Health Application: Our mobile application offers video resources for MHM awareness, COVID-19, a chatbot for common concerns, a period tracker, and more. 

6. Online Webinars: We converted all our offline education/awareness sessions into online sessions, where we conducted webinars multiple topics around health and hygiene.

7. COVID-19 Stigma Research: We started surveying informal health providers and people around the stigma around COVID-19 and social distancing, and how that is preventing access to care.

8. Disease Surveillance in Slums: We began mapping and recording fever symptoms in the communities, and exploring possibilities with the local government to record cases with them to refer to local clinics.

We are so grateful to everyone who supported us in reaching out to more vulnerable community pockets and local health workers, during this pandemic.

You can continue supporting us virtually on our Ketto fundraiser.

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