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Myna Mahila's COVID Response

In 2020, when the pandemic first hit India, we launched an action plan to meet the increasing demand of essentials amongst local communities. Through our 8-Point Plan, we

  • Distributed 2,00,000+ Sanitary Pads 

  • Reached out to 84,000+ people

  • Distributed 78,000+ Essentials (Face Masks, Ration Kits, Food Packets) 

You can read more about our 8-Point Plan here.

This year, we adopted a different approach in responding to COVID’s second wave in India. Our frontline team is carrying out the daily distribution of health items by visiting women at their doorstep. They do this by following safety protocols and conducting door-to-door outreach, which helps us assess dynamic issues and emergencies, in order to effectively respond in real-time. Our research from last year has been a major reason in building our capacity to develop these solutions. Our 5-Point Plan is supporting women through the following interventions:

1. Providing Health Essentials

We have started distributing menstrual hygiene products in the slums of Mumbai, India. We began our relief work on April 22, in areas like Govandi and Maharashtra Nagar. So far, we have distributed 11,425+ sanitary pads to 820+ beneficiaries. We carry out the distribution process by directly meeting women on their doorsteps, along with proper safety measures.

2. Women’s Helpline

Launched in 2020, our helpline (+91 22 4897 2607) connects women who need urgent support from health workers or doctors. Through our helpline, women can report domestic violence cases, sexual/reproductive health issues, sign up for our programs, and ask for help during these times. 

3. Health ATMs

Restrictions such as curfews in many cities, along with the problem of lack of social distancing have made it difficult for people to procure essentials. We are providing sanitary materials through health ATMs for women, especially for those with low access to chemist shops. The transactions are cashless as they are conducted digitally, and require no touch, which helps limit the spread of germs.

4. Building Awareness

With the help of our digitized interventions, women from the community can access our Health Modules without stepping out. On our Mobile App, they access resources for COVID prevention, safety tips, contact details of verified medical stores, doctors for online chat and tele-health consultations, sanitary pad deliveries, and much more; all in the comfort of their own home. Through our online consultations, they can seek medical, psychological, and legal support. At the same time, we engage women in active WhatsApp groups for peer-learning and knowledge sharing. 

5. Research

We are assessing the situation of COVID in slums, particularly for women, to provide them with supplemental income opportunities and support for immediate health assistance.


Your contribution can help us increase our reach, and support more people dealing with the negative outcomes of COVID. You can support us in many different ways. Please amplify our efforts by circulating these resources within your networks!

Help us support families struggling to access health facilities and Oxygen during Covid with mobile clinics. 

You can volunteer with us in different capacities – help us develop our solutions or amplify our resources. If you are a Doctor or a Health-Care Professional,  you can volunteer for our telehealth consultations.