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Myna Mahila Foundation creates a network of young entrepreneurs by empowering women. To do this, we use technology and data-driven approaches to enable and shift women’s health behaviours sustainably, build girls aspirations, and provide employment opportunities and skill to women in slum communities.

We improve health at the doorstep, affordably.

Here are some key facts about us!


In 2015 in India as a Section 8/25 company (Non-Profit). Currently, we have our centres in Govandi, Bandra, and Chembur.

Number of Women on board: 

We are a women-run organisation. Our staff strength is 30 women, out of which, 50% of the staff is employed in our pad production unit from the urban slums, thereby improving local livelihood. We have over 50 women volunteers involved in education and distribution of packets, and need as much help here as we can get!

The Problem: 

In India, more than 320 million women do not have access to basic health and hygiene needs like menstrual needs, compelling them to drop out of school and the labor force. More than 250 million Indians do not have access to the internet and have not been able to work from home or attend school during the COVID-19 pandemic. A mere 23% of women are part of the labor force in India today, setting the norms for women too low.

There is a lack of data on women living in slum-communities across India. This includes women living in urban slums and rural communities. Additionally, there is a lack of standardised metrics to measure health and employment of women living in informal settlements and women from low-income families across India. 

Areas of Intervention: 

  1. Myna Health: Through our Health vertical, we are improving access to health facilities for 2 million women by 2025. Our centres in Mumbai, awareness programmes like Sponsor A Girl, Myna Mahila Mobile Health Application, and advocacy events are some of the ways we impact health related knowledge and products to our beneficiaries.
  2. Myna Research: We conduct extensive surveys about menstrual hygiene awareness and generally women’s health to understand the extent of the problem and the reasons for existing stigma and disposal constraints.
  3. Myna Employ: By providing employment opportunities and building employability skills, we are supporting women to be financially independent. We believe that financial stability can in turn create more opportunities for our beneficiaries.

Our Impact:

We have manufactured over 12,00,000 pads since 2015. We have reached 5,00,000+ women directly at their doorstep and converted them from using cloth to sanitary pads for periods. We have more than a 90% repeat customer rate because of the personalized attention each woman receives.

We are seeking incredible partners from around the world who have a similar vision to normalize menstrual hygiene and empower women through it! For more specific media inquiries, please contact us here.