Myna Mahila Foundation is honoured to be one of seven charities chosen to benefit from donations marking the wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle.

  • Natwar Parekh Compound, Govandi West, Mumbai - 43. INDIA
  • +917208880031 | +91 9326127527
  • Natwar Parekh Compound, Govandi West, Mumbai - 43. INDIA
  • +91 9892716118 | +91 9326127527

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Myna Mahila Foundation creates a network of young female entrepreneurs by partnering with self-help groups in urban slums that produce and distribute affordable high quality menstrual hygiene products to increase adoption of safer menstrual hygiene management practices. We are creating a cultural revolution and generating jobs locally. We improve health at the doorstep, affordably.

Some key facts about Myna Mahila Foundation are below.


In 2015 in India as a Section 8/25 company (non-profit). Currently, we have our center in Govandi, Mumbai.


40% of women in India do not have access to sanitary products for MHM. While this is a problem in itself, it stems from a more fundamental problem of a lack of female empowerment to openly talk, like the โ€˜Mynaโ€™ bird, about their own bodies and lives.

No. of women on board:

15 Myna Mahila (women) working on pad production, operations, education, distribution and sales, and 50 Myna fleet-on-feet women who distribute door-to-door. All the women are from various slums in Mumbai.

ย Myna Series:

We educate women in English, life skills, mathematics, computer and health and financial literacy. We hold workshops, courses and lectures with the women twice a week. We also train some women in business skills to be able to operate the sanitary pad micro franchisee themselves.

Myna Research:

We conduct extensive surveys about menstrual hygiene awareness and generally womenโ€™s health from house-to-house to understand the extent of the problem and the reasons for existing stigma and disposal constraints.

Ultimately, we hope that women are able to find a safe space of work at Myna where they can share a part of their lives, be a part of a powerful network of women, generate employment and improve health affordably.

Our Impact:

We have manufactured 500,000 pads over the last two years, and have converted 3,000 women across 15 slums who used cloth and did not have access to hot water to wash them with to using sanitary pads. We have more than a 90% repeat customer rate because of the personalized attention each woman receives.

We are seeking incredible partners from around the world who have a similar vision to normalize menstrual hygiene and empower women through it!

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