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Our impact

Myna’s theory of change

How will we measure the impact of Myna on women in our slum communities?

Impact stories


I used to only use cloth, but when we were living on the streets, I could dry the cloth outside. Now in the building I had to hide it below my bed and only wash it with cold water. Since I started to use pads, I can do all my work without any fear. The pad remains stuck to my underwear, and my girls are very happy with them too.

Aamina, 40



Since we started to use pads, we have been more comfortable and without worries of leakage. We have no shame in talking about pads now that we have started to use it.

Shehnaz, 34, and Shazma, 17


   I go door to door distributing pads in Chunabhatti, Baiganwadi, Govandi, Lotus, Lallubhai, and Maharashtra Nagar. I have been working with the Myna Mahila Foundation for the past 3 years. One day, as I went to distribute the Myna pads in a slum area, I met with a family who had one handicapped girl. The mother told me that she had not enough money to purchase pads. She told me she only had 20 Rs, so I decided to give her one packet and informed my office in charge. In many families, the income is not enough to afford house expenses. Their condition is very bad, they are very poor so they ask for free pads from Myna. We make sure every woman uses them.

Shobha, 40


Many a times we go to houses where when they hear the word “MC (menstrual cycle)”, they giggle or get angry and shut their doors. We knock on them again and tell them we were just like them – using old cloth and shying from the topic. But now we know this is nothing to be embarrassed about! I encourage women and men to speak about this openly and explain how to use the products.

Sapna, 36 

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